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Photos: Asakusa

Danny Choo has a great photo essay of Asakusa. Lots of great photos.

Photos: Hiroshima and Surrounds

The Get Hiroshima blog introduces the More Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan blog with photos from places in and around Hiroshima.

Photos: Enoshima Island

The Soul of Japan blog has some photos of Enoshima Island.

Hakone Ryokan (Experiencing a Japanese Style Inn)

The Gaijinpot blog has an article with lots of pictures, describing the experience of a Japanese style ‘Ryokan’ in beautiful Hakone.

Photos: Sanja Matsuri

Blogger ‘Bartman905′ from the Konnichiwa blog has a great photo essay of the Sanja Matsuri (festival), which was held in Asakusa, Tokyo, near Senso Shrine from May 14-16.

Photos: Yakushima, Japan

Japan Bash blog takes us on a hiking tour of beautiful Yakushima, with plenty of great pictures.

Photos: Rokkakudo Temple, Kyoto

Andy Heather has a large number of beautiful photos of Rokkakudo Temple in Kyoto. The temple was built in 587AD, some 200 years prior to Kyoto becoming the capital. The photos are well worth the look.

Last Sakura Photos of the Season

JapanNewbie has some beautiful pictures of sakura at the Osaka Mint.

Photos: Hamarikyu Gardens, Tokyo

Shibuya246 has a nice photo essay of Hamarikyu Gardens, near Shinbashi in Tokyo.

Sakura, Sakura and More Sakura

The web is ablaze with pinkness this week, as bloggers far and wide add their pictures of the beautiful Sakura that has bloomed this past weekend. Some of the more beautiful pictures are at Shibuya246, Alexandre Gervais, Akihabara News, and Mike’s Blender, and GenkiJapan has a Youtube clip of some Sakura and Ramen stalls from Fukuoka…

Great Pics of Kamakura

James Sadou in his Fixed in Japan blog has a great photo essay of a trip to beautiful Kamakura.